8×30′ | Spanish | Comedy | 2024 Soon available in Atresplayer

Un nuevo amanecer

Yolanda Ramos embodies Candela, a renowned actress and television personality who, due to her struggles with alcohol and drugs, ends up in a detox center. There, she will discover the origin of her addictions but also find the opportunity to take control of her life, rectify her mistakes, and start anew.

Created by
José Corbacho

Directed by
José Corbacho
Belén Macías

Written by
José Corbacho
Enric Pardo
Rafael Barceló 

Music by
Frank Montasell
Lucas Peire

Executive producers
Anxo Rodríguez
Paula Cobo
Anne Thomopoulos
Montse García Álvarez
José Corbacho

Yolanda Ramos
Àgata Roca
Vicky Peña
Cecilia Freire
Abril Zamora
Pau Durà
Alicia Falcó
Anne Igartiburu
José Corbacho
La Terremoto de Alcorcón